Lisa Ryan loves colour.

She also loves fun. And colour and nature and the ocean. She loves all things outdoors, art that lights up a room, good food and good times. She's obsessed with her family and friends, particularly those of the female kind (you know who are you and she's looking directly at you). She has a vested interest in raising her two girls in a vibrant and happy world full of laughter and an abundance of love. 

From a young age, Lisa has had a ‘thing’ for colour. As a kid, she’d return from weekend trips with her Dad to the local hardware store with pockets stuffed full of paint swatches to add to her collection. She’d painstakingly review and choose which blue went best with this yellow or that peach; which green complimented that weird browny-orange she loved.  

starting her working life as a chef, while she love the comradeship and far flung places she could work, lisa realised that the lifestyle hospitality offered was not for her. she made a promise to herself to be out of hospitality by the time she was 30 and that she did. moving into advertising in sydney. a very cool boss man took a chance on her and away she went. it wasn't long that the creative director noticed she was loitering around the designers just that little too long, so was made studio manager in the matter of a year. 

That appreciation and understanding for how things click and work together evolved into a need to work with colour to create her own art pieces. She started to do just that in her home studio while managing a separate design practice (which she was also pretty bloody good at). 

But like so many bad ass boss mothers we look up to today, Lisa’s perspective on her career shifted when she had two daughters in 2015 and 2017.    

She wanted to cut her own path, captain her own ship, be her own damn boss! And so Lisa Ryan Studio was born. Like many, it wasn’t a totally easy birth. We’re talking creative blocks (booo), self doubt (uuurgh) and of course fear of the unknown (shut. your. face!). 

But here we are, here she is and here are her pieces for you to buy and put up in your home, someone else's home or workspace. Know that when you purchase, you are buying from a talented and inspired Australian lady who wondered if she could… 

You bet your tits she can.